Multi-protocol device manager

The Middleware DMway integrates a protocol library that supports and interacts with multi-protocols IoT.

Semantics for intelligent data

Move to the next level, going from simple collected numeric values ​​to intelligible data with native semantics integration.

ROI controlled

DMway allows: to get rid of vendor locking, to facilitate the deployment and installation of your infrastructure through its plug & play approach, to reduce your installation and maintenance costs.

A Modular, Highly Customizable Solution

DMway: a flexible, customizable, adaptive solution according to your business environment.

Multi-source data collection

Collect data from sources of different natures and formats, without worrying about the technical constraints related to their origin. DMway makes heterogeneous data sources transparent.

Multi-site data collection and synchronization

Access your data regardless of its physical location, anywhere, anytime.



Dmway supports heterogeneous data collection from different communication formats and protocols. DMway manages this heterogeneity for you, it exposes the collected data according to an understandable, customizable, more easily usable generic format.

Custom Dmway

The middleware DMWAY is highly configurable; it adapts to your business context so that it best meets your expectations.

Data model

DMWay offers the Datamodels of the different supported protocols and standards, it also allows the definition of 'CUSTOM' Datamodels.

Smart data

DMWay semantics gives its literal physical and/or logical meaning to data.

Multi-protocol interfaces

DMway supports multi-protocol communication interfaces toward a heterogeneous set of devices.

Custom-made - Custom connectors

Connectors to different remote systems that do: The treatment, The Storage, The Visualization, & The Data Analysis.


DMway supports interoperability between the different data models.

Augmented data

Increased object behavior. Add behaviors to data through actions, functions, triggers.

Data availability

DMway guarantees data availability. Data transmission (no data loss) is guaranteed; the data is kept until it is received.

Easy implementation

A highly modular architecture with automatic deployment that provide an easy deployment locally, 'on premises', and/or on Cloud.

Use cases


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DMWay is the result of applied research projects conducted at CETIC in collaboration with industrial partners. It is the answer to recurrent needs identified during these R&D projects. Historically, DMWay addresses the issue of IoT data management from/to heterogeneous data sources, interfaces and protocols. It has since evolved to support all data sources (more information: DMWay).

No. DMWay manages different data sources, namely: IoT data, online data such as weather report for example, data from Databases, etc.

No. DMWay manages both the data collection to remote systems (in the upward direction) and the sending of commands to the sensors (in the downward direction).

DMway is a translator for standardizing communications between data sources and remote systems. Thus, the most relevant option is to install DMWAY as close as possible to the data sources, namely a deployment at a Gateway level. Nevertheless, DMway is versatile allowing deployment flexibility depending on the context. It offers the flexibility of server-level capacity, as well as hybrid deployment.

It is possible to deploy several instances of DMWAY and link them together to create a hierarchy to manage a large site.

DMway supports different levels of integration depending on the technology and its level of standardization (standardization of communication, data representation, etc.). DMway offers a range of tools that manage these different integration cases ranging from support for turnkey technologies to support for technologies that are not standardized and need to be fully configured. Thus, DMWay is able to fully support all protocols whose plugins exist (zwave, rtl433, BLE, etc.). These protocols are structured and standardized on both the communication part and the encoding and data representation part. Other protocols are partially supported due to the lack of standardization concerning the data representation part. In this case, a decoder must be added for each type of device supported. This is the case of ModBus which does not specify the representation of devices and data.

DMway is able to publish the data to different backends. Currently DMWay has connectors to Thingsboard, InfluxDB, TSorage: for these backends, the integration is turnkey MongoDB on the other hand requires configuration. RabbitMQ, MQTT, HTTP are data exchangers that do not specify any standard formats for the data, so they must be specified on request. DMway also offers the possibility to create new custom connectors according to your needs.

By design, DMway is a lightweight middleware and does not require a lot of resources, it mainly depends on the size of the infrastructure to be supported. At least Dmway can be deployed on devices with an ARM V6 processor, 256MB of RAM.

Yes, it is possible to deploy DMWAY under Win.

Linux from version xx, Win7, Mac os, Docker deployment.

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